Artist’s statement


We are a duo of artists working in various media: performance, installation, digital art, painting, graphics.

The main theme of our creativity is subjective time, manifested in the human mind in the form of intuition and a mental image indefinitely extended into the past and future, not filled with any specific content of objective time. In our works, we convey sensory images of perceived objects, processes and events, depicting not physical objects, but states, atmosphere and mood in the dynamics of the passage of time.

Exploring the perception of time, transferring it into the two-dimensional space of painting and graphics, we use color spots, geometric patterns, ornaments, arbitrary shapes, symbols, lettering. These elements are arranged so that the neighboring ones form an image or symbol. The number of elements to compose an image depends on the frame of perception or the frame of the viewer, who freely moves his gaze through the composition in any direction, combining different elements in new combinations. The frame changes size depending on the number of elements. Each of these combinations of elements generates new images. The overall composition consists of a set of static elements for perception and a set of images that constantly change as the gaze moves. Images in the frame of perception are linear time, the whole composition is subjective nonlinear.

We are interested in the synthesis of contemporary art forms. Working in such areas as performance, installation, digital art, we combine them when organizing events. Creating installations, live painting performances, we work with space and produce art in the atmosphere of the event. An integral element of our work is the fixation of the creative process on video.

In the modern world of technology, the speed of information makes time a subjective concept, we record the transition of human consciousness into a new era of nonlinear time.